Clearances and Training

Most clearances and training can be done online unless otherwise noted. Any certificate or acknowledgement received by mail to your home must be forwarded to the Parish Office. For items which require payment, submit your receipts along with the Check Request Form to the Parish Office for reimbursement. These clearances and training sessions are a combination of state law and archdiocesan requirements. To learn more, visit the Child and Youth Protection website.

If you need assistance completing these requirements, contact the Parish Office.

Volunteers who have contact with children (even brief contact) must obtain:

Employees must obtain:

  • PA Criminal Background Check (Click the gray “Submit a New Record Check” button. Print copy of the certificate from the results page and forward to the Parish Office)
  • PA Child Abuse Clearance (Create an individual account then complete an application online)
  • Safe Environment/Protecting God’s Children Part I (Register and sign up for an on-site class)
  • Mandated Reporter Training/Protecting God’s Children Part II (Register as a first-time user for online course)
  • Obtain FBI Fingerprint On-Site Scheduling (sign up for on-site fingerprinting; use code 1KG738)