Supporting the Parish


Serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received (1 Peter 4:10).



God has given each of us a talent, skill or trait that, when nurtured, brings blessings to others and glory to God. From a small gesture, such as a friendly smile, to a large one, we can all find something to share.

Our parish offers several ministries and organizations spanning a broad range of areas and interests. Whether your passionate about Pro-Life issues or decorating for Christmas, our parish welcomes your helping hand!

Visit our Ministries page for our ongoing activities. You can also sign up for Flocknote to receive a monthly newsletter highlighting upcoming events and short-term activities seeking volunteers.


Epiphany is a tithing parish. The concept of tithing comes from the Bible and the Jewish people who returned a tenth part (aka tithe) of their first fruits (harvest) to God. For most of us, the “fruits” of our labor is monetary rather than agricultural.

The most common method of giving is still collection envelopes which are mailed to your home. However, another option is automated giving, eliminating the need for envelopes. Signing up is easy. Simply click the Parish Giving button below to register.

Why sign up? With life’s busy pace, it’s important to simplify. Having your Sunday parish offering and other contributions to the parish automatically processed can help. Here are some of the benefits:

To Parishioners
• Makes God a priority in stewardship of your treasure
• Processes tithes even if you are sick or traveling
• Relieves the worry of making sure you carry your checkbook or have cash
• Makes forgetting envelopes a thing of the past
• Provides complete and accurate records for tax purposes
• Allows contributions by credit card
• It’s free!

To the Parish
• Reduces envelope printing and mailing costs
• Creates a steady cash flow, even during the summer months
• Helps forecast income from contributions for budget planning