Panoramic Views of Epiphany, in 360 Degrees

As part of our website refresh, we’re very excited to show you one of the coolest features: complete, immersive, 360 degree photos from within the church, and on the grounds of our parish and school space.

These were made possible thanks to a neat, new iPhone app, and are provided here for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to pass along to friends and anyone from the parish (or who might be considering joining) if you want to give them a sense of things before they visit!

View from the Church/School Entrance:

[panoembed pano=”JRyH22″ width=”590″ height=”300″]


View from the School/Convent:

[panoembed pano=”anVPF6″ width=”590″ height=”300″]


Inside the Church:

[panoembed pano=”fwwfsN” width=”590″ height=”300″]